Hello! I am Daan Gommers. A MSc Student at Wageningen University. I am studying "Earth & Environment", with a specialization in Meteorology. I have minors in Information Technology and Hydrology.

In my free time, I like to volunteer at events (as Crew, or with the Dutch Red Cross at the First Aid Post).

Basic Information
+31 6 29 75 99 92
Wageningen, The Netherlands
English, Dutch

2016 - Currently

Master's Degree
Master of Earth and Environment

Wageningen University & Research

In my study, I specialised as a meteorologist or as an atmospheric scientist. In my thesis, I look into Improving climate predictions in the arctic region. To do this I employ simple statistics (like quantile mapping) and more advanced techniques (like neural networks). Earlier, I took courses in the fields of Weather and Climate Dynamics, Urban Hydrometeorology and Atmospheric Modeling.

I minored in Information technology, in which I took courses in Data Management and Big Data. I like to integrate both subject with each other, and employ new methods to the meteorological research field.

2012 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Soil, Water, Atmosphere

Wageningen University & Research

In my bachelor's programme I learned about the upper part of our earth. Hydrology, meteorology, geography and soil science. In this study, you learn to integrate the different domains, to understand how they all come together. Courses I took included "Programing in Python" and "Software Engineering", sparking my intrest to combine earth sciences with information technology.

2006 - 2012

Nature, Health and Techics

St. Odulphuslyceum, Tilburg

Work Experience


Internship WBGT

During my internship, I developed a prediction for the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (an index for Heat Stress) for the Joint Meteorologicial Group (JMG) of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. In order to minimize risk on heat stress in the military, I reviewed different (environmental) modeling methods for the WBGT, and implemented one in the meteorological software for the JMG.

2016 - 2018

Student Assistant, Information Technology

As student assistant at the Information Technology department of Wageningen University & Research (WUR), I answered questions from youger student during the practicals. I assisted at the courses "Programming in Python" (a introductionary programming course) and "Computers, Communication & Information" (a course for first year students to get them familiar with the software available on the univerisity (MS Office, Workpace))

2015 - 2016

Logistc Manager

The Annual Introduction Days (or AID) is the introrduction week of Wageningen in which 2000 new students are discovering the city. As Logistic Manager I was responsible for all materials, technical details and transportation. I also (together with my board members) organised some of the activities.

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Wageningen, The Netherlands


+31 6 29 75 99 92